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“I’ve had Dr. Kulkarni for a dentist for almost 10 years now.  She is such an excellent dentist that I trust her completely. She is not only qualified to do exemplary work but is totally ethical and honest in everything she has done. She is also very gentle and understanding. Because she uses the latest in technology, I have additional reassurance that my teeth are in good hands. ”

Allison G.

“I have known Dr. Kulkarni for over 10 years. I met her and worked with her during the first 7 years. She is such a sweet & caring person. Always wanting to make people happy. She is the most gentle & precise dentist I have ever known and I have worked with many. She has done wonderful work on me and my family. I trust her totally. I highly recommend her in every way possible.”

Sue A.

“My family and I have seen Doctor Kulkarni on several occasions for different dental procedures.  She is a very efficient and professional dentist, and she uses the best up-to-date materials and equipment.  We appreciate her gentle hand, and we all love her for her thoughtful and kind manner.”

De'Ann R.

“I had a root canal and a crown down 16yrs ago. Few years after the work was done I started having pain and swelling on that tooth. I went to a dentist, he put me on antibiotics and said I would have to go to a root canal specialist because it looked like a hard tooth to work on. I stalled going to a specialist because they were too expensive. A few years later, that tooth started hurting and swelled up more than ever. I let one dentist look at it and she said the tooth was so infected that it affected my bones around that area and it needed to be extracted. Dr. Kulkarni looked at my x-ray and said she can save that tooth but gave me the option to go to a specialist. The one thing I have seen from Dr. Kulkarni working on her patients is that she very meticulous about her work has confidence in her work so I told her she was the one that’s going to fix my tooth. Dr. Kulkarni fixed that tooth 6yrs ago and that tooth has not caused a single problem yet. When I go to get my cleaning done she always make sure to take a special x-ray just on that tooth to make sure it’s still looking good because the bones around it were affected. So what I’m trying to say is she is very good at what she does. I have worked with many dentists over the years and she is the absolute best.”

Neenu C.